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Explore the ancient era when Nephilim giants walked the earth


A most mysterious passage of ancient Scripture (Genesis 6:4) is the catalyst for a supernatural adventure novel - Welcome to investigators of Enoch, fallen angels, ancient Biblical mysteries, Nephilim giants and sea serpents. Step back into The Ninth Generation: Surviving the Giants of the pre-flood Earth 



   The warning cry of a ram's horn pierces the stillness of a tree village but it comes too late - A daughter is missing and the huge, human-like tracks point dangerously in the direction of the island and birth-place of the Nephilim.

   Prepare to be catapulted into a romantically beautiful but evil antediluvian world. Journey with Methuselah's 112-year-old son as he enters the lair of a supernatural adversary, along with winged hunters, behemoths and the water monster, Leviathan.

   The ancient world has been encroached by fallen angels. Who are these strange offspring on an earth that is racing toward a watery cataclysm? How can a mere human family survive? Grippingly entertaining, edifying and revealing.




About the author - John L. Owens has a diverse background ranging from oceanography and rescue duties with the U.S. Coast Guard to Christian missionary service in the former U.S.S.R. He is a graduate of Florida State University and Luther Rice Seminary with experience as a science instructor, seminar speaker, and chaplain to truck drivers. His home is in Coastal Georgia where he continues to teach and write.

Spiritual Warfare and The Ninth Generation

This Present Darkness was a landmark work and thrilling saga which opened many eyes to the reality of angelic presence - both good and evil - and to how such powers can be affected by the prayers and activities of man. The Ninth Generation is an epic tale born out of much research, experiences, and the writings of those, like Peretti, who have demonstrated the effectiveness of good fiction in imparting valuable truth. Many of the same spiritual dynamics are at work in both books with supernatural suspense and fast-moving adventure.

John L Owens invites you on a journey into the ancient mysteries of Genesis through an action-packed, fast-moving and eye-opening fictional adventure (246 pages) - Second (latest) Edition now available. Download on Kindle for $2.99.






 Enter a land of angelic-human happenings, where lifetimes stretch for centuries...the ninth generation from Adam.


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If you enjoyed The Ninth Generation, you will certainly enjoy John L Owens' second novel, ANOMALY, set in today's time period. Comments and questions are always welcome. Scroll to the bottom for link to author's Email. Click on cover image for link to Amazon's book sale site for ANOMALY, available in paperback and Kindle.

"As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be..." (Luke 17:26)

In an earth of encroaching evil and threats of widespread disaster, even genetic manipulation, we see today a strong parallel with Noah's day. The reader of The Ninth Generation will see what may have kept hope alive for those ancient patriarchs at the time of Leviathan (Job 41) and the Nephilim giants that preceded the great flood (Genesis 6:4). Consider the prophetic warnings of Jesus..."as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be..."(Luke 17:26). Did the surviving remnant of Noah's day hold the key that is needed in the last days?

The Ninth Generation Project & Reviews

Culled from over five years of research, this 246-page full-length novel offers a rewarding read in the fiction genre with its romantic action-filled narrative set in a uniquely beautiful but dark era of history. Explore the deep mysteries in which science, mythology and theology intertwine and with such creatures as the Nephilim, Behemoth, and Leviathan. Experience what it may well have been like living with the early fathers whose ages approached the thousand-year mark. While true to the Genesis account, the book also gleans from other early historical records and fascinating archeological findings. A list of resources is included inside the back cover.




Readers Reviews & Remarks:


"A fast paced novel that is both fascinating and informative about the Nephilim in the days of Noah"

L.A. Marzulli, speaker and author


  "John L Owens is a very imaginative writer as he captures for his audience what it might have been like back in biblical days. The Ninth Generation: Surviving The Giants Of The Pre-Flood Earth was a dynamite read! It's been a long time since I've read a novel. I am more of a non-fiction reader and writer. But when I noticed the title I imagined there had to be some truth within its pages. I was delightfully surprised to find a great deal of truth throughout this book.
  The MC is Lameck. He has to come up against many antagonists which makes it a very thrilling journey. Midway through the book he becomes vengeful because of the death of Talisha whom he wanted to marry. Because of his weak spirit and distant relationship with 'Holy God' he is tempted to make a covenant with Satan and he succumbs to that temptation in order to satisfy his revenge on Talisha's murderer.
  This totally changes Lameck's character (he actually becomes embodied by the Nephilim giant Trog whom he and his brother Aril killed during a fishing trip to the coastlands) and his grandfather Enoch senses something is very wrong.
  Lameck had been chosen by God to defeat the Nephilim and rescue his Sethite family line from the danger of annihilation by these giants but how does this happen if he has made a covenant with the devil. You'll have to read the book to find out...
  I highly recommend this book to everyone. There's a great deal of wisdom wrapped up in this novel full of suspense, romance, and intrigue!"   

Wendy McClain / Amazon Reviewer & Author


“Journey into biblical times, a full generation before Noah and his ark, to see the world as it once was...full of life and beauty, yet equally sewn with hardship. Mr. Owens weaves a story of passion and intrigue using religious references from books of old. His writing style poetically describes the lands into which the reader will travel allowing them the chance to experience the tale first hand. The characters voices speak from the pages with both a depth and sincerity felt within heart and mind. A well-suited book for the casual reader as well as the religious scholar, able to be enjoyed on both levels.”

G Reba                                                                                                         


“What an enjoyable piece of work I found The Ninth Generation to be. I seldom read novels, but found it to be intriguing and suspenseful. The great descriptive detail made it very picturesque. The story’s active spirit realm is recognizable as being active in this season, and in the lives of many today. There seems at this time to be more awareness and information on the Nephilim (Genesis 6) than in the past among prophecy students. A lot of questions I have had concerning the Nephilim were answered…an on time, in season book. I also believe that fans of Frank Peretti will enjoy it.”

 Connie M


“…a beautiful book and very fascinating novel…I could see how it would make a great movie.”

 Richard G
 "I really enjoyed it! ...I always wondered about the Nephilim and their role on earth.
Melissa C
"Book flows from giant imagination...the tale of a pre-flood world and a Sethite tree village
threatened by the Nephilim giants. The story begins when a giant is killed which leads to
a rescue mission. It's up to Enoch, the one who walks with God, to free Methuselah's son,
Lameck, and prepare him for the battle involving an angelic adversary... Putting together
this book was a journey for Owens...delve into ancient texts...It's his imagination, but
it is something that could have happened." 
K Harris (from review in The Brunswick News)
"Fascinating page-turner that stays with you - This fascinating, original story manages to be 
completely believable even though it deals with amazing events. The author's imagination is huge
but never crosses the boundary of biblical possibility. Thoroughly enjoyable and at the same time
spiritually edifying. It stays on your mind, and I plan to reread it in the future."
Maggie Jarpey (professional copy editor) 
The following judge's comments came from a contest - Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards - 
where The Ninth Generation rated by secular expert reviewers in the upper twenty percent 
of 5,000 entries within the Young Adult Fiction catagory: "...harking back to such Old Testament, 
Hebrew figures as Methusaleh and Adam, but putting a distinct new sci-fi twist on the material. 
Well-imagined and presented in a matter-of-fact way. Evidently a substantial amount of research done.
Jewish religion treated respectfully. Lots of interesting detail about the people's lives at the time,
family life, the flora and fauna, how they farmed and fished. Not to mention the villainous Nephilim,
giants with six fingers and toes on each hand and foot, who ride huge horses. It was fun to read...
Quite liked interested me."
ABNA Expert Reviewer
"John Owens' epic novel, The Ninth Generation, transcends all ideology barriers with an appeal that is timeless.... 
John masterfully explores an area that is 'new ground' in the arena of fiction based on fact- the world before 
Noah's flood! He skillfully weaves a tapestry of fiction and fact, leaving the reader to consider that the 'Big Bang Theory' 
was just that, a theory. Through John's writings everything is presented in proper perspective. It is a love story. 
His protagonist, Lameck, finds his soul mate, has encounters with the Prince of darkness, and finally comes to 
completeness in his relationship with 'Holy God'. John spins a nail biting adventure as Lameck and his people struggle 
with the forces of evil. A refreshing view of the world before the 'Great Flood'...a must read. It begs for more of the same." 
Tom Scott
Other Comments:
"Well researched and imagined - could have happened."
"Engaging and exciting with a supernatural element as in Peretti's, This Present Darkness."
"An epic novel and love story, with plenty of surprises." 
 "The most mysterious verse in the Old Testament - Genesis 6:4 - is unwrapped in an epic novel, 
The Ninth Generation. Very revealing."



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